Friday, June 15, 2012

I Have Ideas, Or My Brain On 2:30am

So, I had a pretty fantastic idea last year (I've had others before and since, but this one was a doozy). See, I was about to go to Dragon*Con and I wanted to do a neat cosplay.

For those of you who've seen/met me, you are aware that though I may rock what I've got, I have no business in a Spandex suit or any skimpy anime thing.

I had seen The Guild with the fantastic Felicia Day and I fell in love with the Codex costume. I know, me and every other fan girl who saw the show, right? I was painfully aware of how not good it would be for me to try to rock that thing, so my idea was to--- wait for it--- do a Victorian variation on it. I know, right!
About three months, several nigh-sleepless nights, blood, sweat, tears, and around $500 just in materials, this was the final product.

I got to see the woman herself, and given that she scrambled over the signing table to have pictures with me (which she later posted to her own Twitter), I'd call it a major win.

Since then, it has occurred to me to do this same thing with other characters. Rogue and Jean Grey/Phoenix from the X-Men, maybe Black Widow. There are so many possibilities. I might even do the other ladies from The Guild. Who knows?

These strokes of inspiration, however, are frustrating in two ways: 1) I don't presently have the means to obtain the materials to make these masterpieces; and 2) I do not draw half so well as I'd like to in order to plan these things out better.

As for the first, well, the only solution there is get either a job or a sugar daddy. I've managed well enough with the second by taking images of the patterns I intend to use into Paint and fiddling with them enough to get an idea of how they'll turn out. That's kinda the jerry-rigged way of doing it, though, so I'm probably going to have to invest in drawing lessons and/or design software at some point.

At any rate, if there is someone among my meager-but-awesome audience that would be genuinely interested in having me make something along these lines, don't hesitate to let me know. Be ye warned: it is no cheap endeavor, especially if you want quality fabrics. Some parts are incredibly labor intensive, though they generally pay off in the end.

So, given that I've had all these creative juices in my head for awhile, when I had a friend ask me to help her with costume construction when she starts her own business, I only hesitated out of shock. I look forward to the chance to come up with and build some amazing costumes.

The only real problem with all of this-- well, I guess there are two. Firstly, I have no job and no capital to get things started. Secondly, all these ideas start tromping through my brain-parts in the wee hours of the morning, preventing sleep.

Ah well. The money (hopefully) will come in time. As for the inspiration, maybe getting some of the ideas out of my head and onto paper will help with that. For now, this blog will have to suffice.

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